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Matka Guessing: Legal or Illegal in India

Satta-Matka has been a part of Indian culture for a while now. Satta is the local term for gambling. And Matka stands for the pot. It seems that this game originated in India a few years before the Indian Independence.

Matka guessing is an entertaining game. One can earn money by winning. Of course, there are risks involved. Still, it is popular in India and around the globe. Learning Matka is easy. Winning is also not impossible. Experienced players can win a large amount of money in this gambling game.

Is Matka Guessing Legal In India?

Gambling is illegal in India. This is because the British government introduced the public Gambling Act in 1867. Since then, gambling got banned. But, like teen Patti or blackjack, Matka is also a gambling game, so it is illegal in India.

Yet, Matka guessing may be legal soon. There have been few rumours about that, but nothing is sure yet. The government may impose Article 249 or Article 252 if Matka gets legalized. Also, if things get legalized, winners will have to pay a sizeable amount as GST.

Where to Play?

Today, all the Matka games have turned digital. A player can log in to any website with their smartphones or computer. In the old days, players still need to choose three numbers from 0-9 and guess them in the right way to win. The websites include many tutorials and tips to play Matka. A new player can study those and learn all about this gambling game. These rules are straightforward. Hence, it will not take long for one to master them.

People believe that the modern Matka guessing bazaar is around Maharashtra. Maharashtra is a city in India. Also, the game involves luck. So, apart from being illegal, there are other drawbacks as well. For example, while playing Matka guessing, many players lose all their money in a bet and thus end up in debt. Many even try to take their own lives. Some fall into depression.

You must remember that one cans Matka Guessing online or offline. But, playing Matka is not legalized in anyways as it involves money. That is why some people have found few alternative gambling games which are legal in India. Few examples of such games are keno, slots, and roulette.


The Public gambling act of 1867 prohibits all kinds of gambling activities. If a person gets caught while gambling, then they might have to pay a fine of Rs. 200. In some cases, they might get imprisonment as well. Besides, visiting a gambling place is also prohibited. If one gets caught visiting a gambling house, they might have to pay Rs. One hundred as a fine or get imprisoned for one month.

Even if there is a punishment involves, people still enjoy playing Matka. There are various fake websites as well. A player must be careful and only visit trusted sites. Otherwise, it’s not hard to get scammed. Milan, Kalyan, Madhuri, Sridevi, Time Bazar, Mumbai Worli are few reliable platforms. You can check them out.