Sustainable Design Is More Than Just Pretty

When you are thinking about adding a new look to a room in your home, you have many different styles and options to choose from. There are the modern and contemporary designs that rely heavily on sleek lines and sophisticated furniture. There are the traditional decors that cram heavy pieces of beautiful furniture into available spaces and use traditional style patterns for accents. Then, there are other decors that are perhaps less well known, but equally as effective when it comes to transforming a room for drab to fabulous in a matter of hours or days. One such design is that which focuses on sustainable products, both furniture and accessories, that can be found in more and more of today’s modern design collections. After all, sustainable design is more than just pretty; it is beautiful for the environment as well as your home.

When it comes to sustainable design, include flooring that reflects your commitment and love for the environment. After all, sustainable resources are those that are easily renewed and do not take a lot of effort or energy to produce. When it comes to flooring, hardwoods may be beautiful, but they are not highly sustainable. In fact, de-forestation is a major issue that impacts entire eco-systems around the world. Instead of using hardwood flooring, try an alternate and highly sustainable flooring option. Bamboo and cork are two of the most popular choices for alternative flooring materials. They are both sustainable materials and offer a high degree of beauty and personality to any room’s decor. Each has its own drawbacks and bonuses, so do your research before installing either type of flooring in your home. However, once installed, bamboo and cork flooring can quickly transform the look and feel of a room with their unique beauty and design.

When you think about sustainable designs, the most common color to come to mind is green. Green is the symbolic color of life and growth. When decorating your home or room with a sustainable theme, choose a low odor green paint to add visual interest and impact to one or all of the room’s walls. Even a punch of green on one wall will help focus your guests’ attention and draw awareness to the fact that the room is a lesson in eco-friendly design. Nicolas Krafft

Forget the heavy mahogany furniture, and opt for furniture made from bamboo and other sustainable materials. Organic cottons are great for pillows, slipcovers and cushions. While organic cottons used to come in only a dull off-white color, they are now available in a wide range of colors thanks to the use of vegetable dyes and other eco-friendly colorings. It is important to examine and research any new furniture that you bring into the space to make sure that it is crafted from materials that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.


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