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Feed The Hungry Horses 


Sun Conjunct Chiron – the Deeper Meaning of This Aspect 


Sun conjunct Chiron addresses the nature of the human soul to manifest itself and leave something irrelevant behind. Our soul looking for manifestation addresses our “gift to the world”.  sun planet


The Sun is our uniqueness, what makes us extraordinary, our divine mission in this lifetime. 


Chiron, who circles among Saturn and Uranus, is the connection between the world as far as we might be concerned (Saturn) and the secrets and boundless potential outcomes of the sky (Uranus). 


Chiron is the model of the Wounded Healer since this interaction of moving from one domain (Saturn) to another (Uranus) requires a specific weakness and openness. At the point when you escape your usual range of familiarity (Saturn), something needs to break. 


Chiron’s circle is curved. Chiron can spend just one eighteen months in sure signs (Libra) and up to 8 years in others (Aries). Chiron is a non-conventionalist, and Chiron in your outline shows where you are a non-traditionalist, as well (regardless of whether this absence of traditionalism causes you to feel odd on occasion). 


Sun conjunct Chiron is the convincing drive to push past your current limits to track down your actual zone of a virtuoso. 


The way toward finding out about your actual self, the path toward turning out to be what your identity is intended to be, can’t be a simple one. Henceforth the injury. 


We should take the case of pearls. Do you know how they are made? A parasite attempts to work its way into the clam. As a protection component, a liquid is utilized to stop the interloper. An endless supply of covering is saved until a glossy pearl is shaped. 


The cycle requires years. For quite a long time, the mussel needs to battle a jeopardizing power. What’s more, following quite a while of battling, something incredibly beautiful arises. 


So often neglect to see that our injury is our “handicap”, which is the wellspring of our most meaningful gift. 


The way to self-dominance consistently starts with accepting the injury. You can’t turn into an expert if you don’t reach out to the agony. 


Chiron – the Link Between Heaven and Hell, the Conscious and the Unconscious 


Eventually, Chiron’s motivation is to reestablish completeness. Sun conjunct Chiron will re-realize all the Chironic topics in your life, asking you to (re)connect with the inward shaman. 


The shaman’s job is to head out to heck, to paradise, and afterwards back to earth. 


Similarly, in his circle, Chiron is the associating join between the cognizant models addressed by the planets that appear to the unaided eye (all planets up to Saturn) and the oblivious perspectives addressed by Uranus Neptune and Pluto. 


Chiron circles among Saturn and Uranus and unites these two universes, interfacing us with the entire universe. 


Chiron And Your Greatest Gift 


“Sometime in the distant past, there was a ruler who needed to remain perpetually youthful since nobody in the court could help him sort out how he settled on a choice to meander through the entire world to track down that mysterious land where life is unceasing. 


The ruler began to plan for the excursion. He went to his dad’s steady to pick one dauntless pony to help him in his initiatic venture. For quite a long time, he attempted to track down the right pony without progress. No pony appeared to be sufficient for an exceptionally requesting attempt. 


At long last, when the ruler loses all expectation, he sees a slender, debilitated looking, hungry pony covered with bruises. At the point when he comes nearer, the pony begins talking: 


“If you need to satisfy your desire, you should ask your dad for the blade, spear, bow, bolts, and pieces of clothing he used to wear when he was youthful; AND you should deal with me and feed me with your own hands for about a month and a half and give me oats bubbled in milk.” 


Thus, taking care of the greedy pony, wearing the dad’s garments and the ruler’s longing to reach “the opposite side” are the productive assets that bring everlasting life. 


The dad’s garments address our hereditary childhood. In astrology, Chiron runs our hereditary youth and DNA. We can satisfy our central goal when we expand on our genetic legacy. 


Sun Conjunct Chiron – Feed the Hungry Horse 


Shouldn’t something be said about the eager pony? 


The pony addresses the injury you decide to mend. The ‘handicap’ you choose to embrace. The bothersome side of yourself, which, if recognized, changes into your most fantastic gift. The pony addresses those assets you choose to develop, in any event, when there is no sign that you will at any point succeed. 


The one who releases the pony’s significance and goes on an initiating venture is a beautiful articulation of Sun conjunct Chiron. The pony is the injury (Chiron). The ruler is the Sun, the soul who releases the damage. 


Sun conjunct Chiron addresses the catalytic cycle of changing the injury into a gift. 


The eager pony may get neglected or even detested. However, he is in your stable on purpose. He has endured time and difficulty since he has something to bring to the table, and he can offer something nobody else can IF you deal with him. 


The pony is an image for what is undying, for what it can’t be obliterated, is the thing that you abandon forever, your commitment to the world, your heritage. 


The ravenous pony is that ability, that gift that solitary you have. Your obligation (Sun) is to bring this gift (Chiron) to the most elevated conceivable type of manifestation. 


Like any extraordinary piece of artistry, your abilities and traits will outlast you to take care of many more ages to come. 


Who Wants to Live Forever? 


“After a long excursion, the ruler discovers what he is searching for and arrives at the place where there is unceasing youth. Around there, he weds a beautiful princess and carries on with a life of rapture. 


He doesn’t have a clue how long has passed, as he remains everlastingly youthful. Be that as it may, one day, he recalls his folks and the house where he grew up, and the yearning for his family, for his underlying foundations, overpowers him. 


He chooses to return to see the folks and individuals he grew up with once again. Coming back home, he sees that everything has changed. 


The woods have transformed into urban communities, and he was unable to remember anything any longer. At the point when he, at last, arrives at where he grew up, he sees with distress that everything is currently a ruin, and everybody in the court has been dead for quite a while. 


And afterwards, the pony advises him: 


“I brought you here, ace, yet now I will return from where I came from”. 


The man chooses to remain there and allows nature to follow through to its logical end. Mortality at long last finds him, and he passes on.” 


No individual is undying, and sometimes we will all go to clean, yet our gifts to the world (the pony) will consistently remain. Our obligation in this lifetime is to consider the eager ponies, take care of them and release their significance. 


Sun conjunct Chiron will request that you focus on the injured, hungry ponies. 


It may be challenging to see someplace toward the side of your steady brimming with beautiful and healthy ponies. 


Deal with them and feed them with your “own hand” since it is just through them that you get the opportunity of everlasting life. 


Chiron – Your Deepest Wound, Your Greatest Gift 


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