Skateboarding Trick Tips – 3 Basics You Must Have

Skateboarding has become one of the most popular pastimes in America. When I was growing up the skateboarding craze was slowly overtaking BMX for the top spot in the world of extreme sports. Because skateboarding can be done anywhere and for significant less money it has become the standard alternative sport of choice. But just like any other sport, skateboarding is a skill and requires instruction, desire, and practice. You can get all the expensive equipment and skateboarding trick tips you want, but if you don’t have the three necessities, you will never be the next Tony Hawk or Kevin Staab. Be sure you even step on that board make sure you have all three of these key elements:

1. Instruction: Skateboarding is a very anti-authority type of sport. It’s rooted in rebellion and civil disobedience so it’s kind of ironic that there is actually instruction available for something that grew out of the empty swimming pools of Southern California. However, nowadays you can save yourself a lot of time, angst, and skin by getting some expert instruction for little or no money. There are thousands of videos and DVDs available to show you the basics. Also, some skateboarding trick tips have been compiled and published in book form. These prove helpful because you can carry them around and whip them out at a moments notice. If you are die-hard and have some extra time and cash, most major cities offers skateboarding clinics and classes. These are great ways to get one-on-one professional instruction and learn things properly the first time! electric skateboard spares

2. Desire: You will never succeed at anything if you don’t have the desire for it. Skateboarding takes an intense passion. Without a deep rooted desire and love of skateboarding you may never make it past your first broken deck…or bone. All the skateboarding trick tips in the world are worthless if you don’t “want it.” It’s okay to try skateboarding only to find out that you don’t have that passion for it. In fact, it’s better to find out early so that you can save yourself a ton of time, energy, and money.

3. Practice: I hate practice. I want things to happen instantly. Unfortunately the world doesn’t work that way. Skateboarding requires an insane amount of practice. You may spend days trying to master a single trick. Some skateboarders will spend weeks on a single move before they even come close to landing it. Don’t give up. Practice makes perfect and nowhere does that saying ring truer than in the world of skateboarding.

Get skateboarding trick tips from experts and then practice incessantly. Practice until you reach the point of utter frustration and exhaustion. Then, practice some ore. Skateboarding is hard core. It requires expert instructions, undying passion, and mind-numbing amounts of practice. However, if you have the drive and determination to keep at it, then one day future skateboarding stars will be buying your skateboarding trick tips on DVD and video.


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