Portable GPS Warning – Be Wary of Cracked Software

GPS navigational systems seem to be part of the “in” thing these days. This is even more apparent with the emergence of affordable portable GPS devices which you can buy for less than a hundred bucks. The only problem with a cheap price tag is that it comes with a “prize” – the possibility of using cracked software.

You are probably aware that almost all types of electronics come with a Chinese brand and portable GPS devices are no exception. These models compete with the “branded” OEM manufacturers but are getting a fair share of the market because of their cheaper price.

To keep these price tags at the lower end, hardware suppliers distribute these units minus the licensed software – and this is where the problems start.

Your Portable GPS Device and Cracked Software Dr Fone Crack

Distributors of portable GPS devices coming from China acquire these units at wholesale prices without any licensed software. It would be up to you as the consumer to select the best GPS software for your needs that would be compatible with your unit.

Reputable distributors may provide units installed with working evaluation software, so you can check the functionality of the unit. You can have the option to purchase the full version of this software or choose another according to what you prefer.

The problem is, some unscrupulous distributors would try and install cracked or pirated software in their units, passing them off as the real thing. The consumers like you would end up with a device that breaks down on you – usually during a time when you really need it the most.

To ensure that you won’t get caught out in the open with badly-working software, you should only purchase portable GPS devices from a reputable source. Aside from that, you can do certain actions on your own to make it sure that you’ll only get genuine and reliable software for your needs.

Available Resources on the Right Path

How do you find out if your supplier is selling you pirated software for your portable GPS device? Reputable suppliers usually offer 12 month warranties on the products they sell. Aside from that, the products also carry a Quality Control seal assuring you that you’ll only get good products.

If you have doubts however, you can always check the serial number that goes with your software and verify it against the manufacturer’s database. The software provider would be most willing to help you in this regard. That’s the beauty of genuine or proprietary software – excellent customer support and service.

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