How to Update Drivers in Windows 7 Step by Step?

Finding ways to update drivers in your Windows 7? It’s a good habit of checking driver updates for your computer. But it is a time-consuming task for you to check every update for your device drivers. In this article, I will tell you an easy way to keep all your Windows 7 drivers up-to-date automatically.

Comparing to other Windows systems, Windows 7 is the easiest system of Microsoft. It has a lot of self-maintenance and self-repair tools. Windows Update is a great tool which now can not only find and install Windows patches and updates but also your device drivers. Using Windows Update feature is good way to check latest drivers.

Now you can follow the steps below to check and install latest drivers for your computer by using Windows Update.

1. Open Windows Update. Click the Start button, click All Programs, and then clicking Windows Update.

2. In the Windows Update window, click Check for updates. It will start to find system updates along with driver updates automatically.

3. After the checking process is completed, Windows Update will inform you how many updates available. Click “important available updates” and “optional available updates”, you will see if there are any updates available.

4. In the list, choose the driver that you want to install, and then click Install Updates. Then the process of download and install will start automatically. After the update is completed, restart your computer.

Although the Windows Update can help you update all the drivers automatically, it still has some shortcomings comparing to professional driver software. Clackmann Weather

Firstly, it’s not very easy to use for some people. People still have to check outdated drivers on their computers and select which one to update by themselves manually. It’s not very comfortable for some people who are not very tech-savvy.

Furthermore, the download and update processes may take a very long time. Because it is not a very professional download tool. The download speed could be very slow. If you have loads of drivers to update, you will have to wait for hours in front of your PC.

Besides, Windows Update doesn’t continually find new drivers. It normally delays for several days or a month after new driver versions are released from manufacturer websites. So sometimes it cannot check for the latest drivers for you. When you install a driver for your device, the driver may have been “outdated” already.

So, I suggest you to use a good driver updater instead. If you select a good Windows 7 Driver Updater that consistently checks for new released drivers on manufacturer websites and has much advanced technology in driver downloading and installing, you will be in a position to get the latest drivers in minutes.

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