How to Create New Year’s Resolutions For Goal Success!

It is the beginning of a brand New Year! Folks are wishing one another “HAPPY New Year!” Perhaps you, too, have been joining it. Beginnings can offer you opportunities to consider change and to decide directions for making desired change. Merry christmas Images Free Download

At this time of year, the thought of change can, naturally, lead to the idea of New Year’s resolutions. Have you selected some resolutions that you would like to implement now? To guide you toward success with your resolution goals, here are 5 Keys to Success:

Key #1. Write out Your Resolution:
There is magic in the written word. When you commit your change-aspirations to writing, you commit your desire to your subconscious mind. In essence you say to your subconscious — creative — mind, “I want this in my life!” Your desired change gets energized by the fact that you have put it into words and those words are seen by your subconscious mind as intention. So, it begins to bring your intention into being.

Key #2. Post Your Resolution:
That’s right — keep your written resolution in a place where you will see it frequently … and restate it to yourself often! Remember the power of the word: Well, it is even-more powerful when you repeat it! So — go ahead: Maximize the success of your resolution by re-committing yourself to it frequently. Merry christmas Pictures 2021

Key #3. Keep It Simple:
Prioritize what you want. If you have 3 resolutions, decide which is the most important and START with that one. Keep the rest to work on once #1 has been completed!

Key #4. Stay Realistic:
For success, it is important that you select a resolution that is achievable by you. Let’s say that you are 50# overweight. Rather than select losing all 50# in the next 2 months, perhaps you choose to lose 1# a week … consistently! Give yourself the time — and patience — to succeed.

Key #5. Turn Your Resolution into ACTION:
Do something daily to bring your goal into reality. Even if you think that what you can do is a small action, do it! When you add up each day’s part, you get solid, focused action toward accomplishing your goal. For example, let’s say your resolution is to be more generous. So, you determine to give what money you can to charity — .50 per day. Doesn’t sound like much, you say, apologetically? Don’t be too hasty — your .50 per day would add up to a significant $180.00 donation by the end of the year!

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